Best Review Books for AP Statistics

Finding a good resource material to study for the AP exams can be difficult because of the many books to choose from. Essentially, any book would be able to prepare students for the test. However, there are things to consider when picking out a book to assist students and ultimately get positive results.

It is important to take the advanced placement exam seriously because of two things. First, it can help students get into specific universities that they would be applying for. Some universities prefer students who have shown dedication to learning. By taking advancement placement classes and passing them with flying colors, the university will see how serious a student is in their academics. Second, it can also help students save a lot of money. These advanced placement classes are credited college courses. By passing them, students will have finished a few credits before they even start university, and thus saving money.

Now that the importance of taking AP classes and passing AP tests has been covered, what determines a good AP review book for AP Statistics? Doing a little research before deciding what books to buy can be helpful, and provides the best AP statistics review books.

According to the website, the AP text is split into two parts: a multiple-choice section and a free response section. The multiple-choice section includes forty questions, while the free response section has five items. In order to be capable of answering at least most of them correctly, getting the right review material can be crucial.

The books reviewed by the website are verified before they are distributed to the market. This means that it has been reviewed and approved by experts of the advanced placement tests. Because of this, these books are guaranteed to help students get the best marks. It is all up to the student on how much of the review book they will study and take in before the actual exams. One of the books reviewed is Barron’s AP Statistics Textbook.

Barron’s AP Statistics Textbook

This AP prep book is the complete package when it comes to reviewing for the AP Statistics exam. It consists of fifteen chapters that includes possible exam problems, a thorough breakdown of each problem, and tips on how to solve them. It also has a comprehensive diagnostics test and a full-length practice exam section for students to practice on.

This AP prep book also includes useful tips on how to answer exams efficiently as well as how to make good use of a calculator when solving mathematical problems. With all of these features, Barron’s AP Statistics Textbook is definitely one of the best AP statistics review books available for purchase.

With the new school year being just around the corner, investing in an AP prep book for AP classes can definitely help the students to pass the annual AP exams. It all depends on the dedication of the student to actually study the review material provided for them. Check out this site for more AP stats review books.

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Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig | Review




  • Flynn: Characters can really break or make a mystery novel.  If your characters are boring and straightforward, you’re going to be able to guess what happened right from the start.  Lucky for readers, there is not a single boring or straightforward character in Last Seen Leaving.  Flynn Doherty, main character and ex-boyfriend of January, is perfection.  I can’t honestly tell you everything it is that I love about him because there is too much.  I went through a myriad of emotions alongside Flynn.  It was so easy to see how much he cared for January and not knowing what happened to her really tore him up.  He was so confused by everything going on in his life.  He had no aspirations towards being a detective but he was unwilling to let January’s disappearance go unsolved.  He was tenacious and rather fierce when it was called for.  He was so loyal and he did not take his friendships lightly.
  • January: You never actually see January except in flashbacks from Flynn’s perspective.  She’s very much a mystery.  Flynn sees her one way and only starts to realize that there was much more to her once she has gone missing.  It’s hard to say what January was really like though because she put on a different face for every person in her life.  I think it’s part of what made her disappearance so intriguing and unsolvable.  Nobody knew the real January except for January.
  • Mystery: Like I said, this is one mystery that I could not solve.  Sure I could figure out little pieces of it but there was always much more to it.  Flynn didn’t really have a clue what he was doing when it came to solving the mystery but he was willing to try anything to find out what happened to January.  Because of that, he tended to stumble upon things that other people overlooked.  He was a little clueless at times and there were times when I wanted to knock some sense into him but he really was a pretty good detective.
  • Romance: The romance in Last Seen Leaving was really very subtle and well done.  Flynn obviously had a lot on his plate with January’s disappearance but he ended up getting help from an unexpected source.  Kaz was a coworker of January’s who really only offered to help Flynn because he considered January a friend.  They got off to a rocky start but Kaz and Flynn were pretty perfect together.  Theirs was not a relationship that just popped up overnight though.  They both had way too much going on to just jump into things and they really didn’t know each other.  I liked seeing them get to know each other and build upon their blossoming friendship.

Overall, Last Seen Leaving is an impressive debut from Caleb Roehrig.  I’m excited to see what is next from him!

I have yet to figure out on how to find the perfect book. Followers! Please enlighten me!

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